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Traditional Florentine Craftmanship, In this catalogue are represented some of our many collections. To see all of our production consult our web site

The work and the ability of skilful artisan
decorators representing the fortune itself of the
firm have highly contributed to the success of the products.



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Cherubs 1395

Vassoio ovale laccato, bordo decorato a mano. Decoro cherubini.

Twice lacquered oval tray, rim hand painted pattern Italian roses.
Pattern cherubs.

cm. 43x30

weight gr. 400

material: resin

The search for all the beauty provided by the classical Florentine manufacturing tradition, in order to reintroduce it in a more modern way, has been one of the main objectives pursued by the firm throughout these years.
This has been made thanks to the employment of new materials such as synthetic resins or wood pulp and the use of new finish in painting and polyester lacquering added to new decorative elements like neo-classical floral patterns joined to shapes and objects of the Florentine tradition.