The work and the ability of skilful artisan
decorators representing the fortune itself of the
firm have highly contributed to the success of the products.

Line Toucan

A Splendid Toucans And Parrots Decoration With Exotic Plants Inside A Handpainted Coloured Frame

Line Toscana

Line Toscana. A Wonderful Country Style Line Enriched With Hand Painted Gold Frames Make This Line, In Which Is Reproduced A Landscape Of Ou...

Line Multicherubs

Line Multicherubs. A Victorian Stclassic Christmas Design On A Ivory Basis With Hand Painted Gold Touches

Line Chianti Grapes

Line Chianti Grapes. An Elegant Chianti Grapes Bouquet Combined With The Traditional Beauty Of The Florentine Style Make This Line Absolutel...

Line Fiorter Lemons

Fiorter Lemons. The traditional beauty of the Florentine style, gold, antique green and lemons pattern make this a unique line.

Line Top Romance

Line Top Romance. Romantic eighteenth-century masterpieces enhance the beauty of this exceedingly elegant and exclusive line.

Line Sofia

Line Sofia A delicate English style decoration joined with the beauty of the Florentine style, gold, antique green make this line elegant an...

Line Selecta

Line Selecta. A Stunning Rose Bouquet In Victorian Style With Different Coloured Surrounds, Skilfully Enriched With Touches Of Gold

Line Miniature

Line Miniature. An oil painting inside an embroidery in keeping with the traditional standards of Florentine craftsmanship.

Line Madagascar

Line Madagascar A spectacular exotic decoration set within a frame of skilfully blended colours.

Line Louis XV

Line Louis Xv. The Traditional Beauty Of The Florentine Style, Gold, Antique Green And Romantic Scenes Make This A Unique Line

Line Lemons

Line Lemons.  A stunning lemons bouquet combined with the traditional beauty of the Florentine style make this line absolutely exclusive.

Line Royal Rose

Line Royal Rose. A stunning rose bouquet in Victorian style set within an elegant golden frame.

Line Gianna Gioia

Line Gianna Gioia. A skilful blend of colours combined with the fresh beauty of flowers make this line unique

Line Gioia

Line Gioia. The most delicate of roses inside a skilfully decorated gentle frame.

Line Fiorter

Line Fiorter - The traditional beauty of the Florentine style married to the uniqueness of Victorian rose bouquets.

Line Daniela

Line Daniela. The breathtaking beauty of Victorian roses, the gold of the frame and the ivory of the background make this line unique and ex...

Line Cupido

Line Cupido. The Traditional Beauty Of The Florentine Style Married To The Distinctive Trait Of Little Cupids

Line Canaletto

Line Canaletto. The Classic Beauty Of The Florentine Style Joined To Reproductions Of Canaletto Famous Masterpieces

Line Antigua Blu

Line Antigua Blu. The fresh decoration of small birds perched on the most delicate of flowers inside a splendid coloured frame.

The search for all the beauty provided by the classical Florentine manufacturing tradition, in order to reintroduce it in a more modern way, has been one of the main objectives pursued by the firm throughout these years.

This has been made thanks to the employment of new materials such as synthetic resins or wood pulp and the use of new finish in painting and polyester lacquering added to new decorative elements like neo-classical floral patterns joined to shapes and objects of the Florentine tradition.


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