More than 50 years have passed since Giovanni Tirinnanzi opened his factory in Florence  with the name of S.T.P., this name was changed in TIRINNANZI S.R.L. starting from January 2003 .
At the beginning the production of the company consisted in moulding and producing any kind of unfinished accessories for the home exclusively made of resin.
The founder, a man endowed with great organisational and entrepreneurial ability, mainly devoted himself to the development of the technical organising side of the firm. This effort in amplifying and renewing the machinery, the manufacturing process, the shapes and moulds, was constant.

At the beginning of 1978, the founder’s son Giuseppe who had just completed the course of his classical studies, entered the firm.
Thanks to him and to his classical formation, the firm gradually had a noticeable transformation and gave way to the production of items such as trays, small tables, bathroom and desk accessories, panels and mirrors strongly linked to Florentine history and craftsmanship.

The search for all the beauty provided by the classical Florentine manufacturing tradition, in order to reintroduce it in a more modern way, has been one of the main objectives pursued by the firm throughout these years. This has been made thanks to the employment of new materials such as synthetic resins or wood pulp and the use of new finish in painting and polyester lacquering added to new decorative elements like neo-classical floral patterns joined to shapes and objects of the Florentine tradition.

The work  and the ability of skilful artisan decorators representing the fortune itself of the firm have highly contributed to the success of the products.

Further, another aspect characterising the activity of the TIRINNANZI s.r.l., has been the belief that shape and decoration are unescapable elements , this conviction explains why, in addition to the realisation of new shapes, the firm has been paying great attention to the search for new lines and new decorations with the precious contribution of the daughter of the founder Maria Pia,  who entered into the firm as a partner of her brother Giuseppe in the nineties.

All this has allowed the development and the growth of the firm, which beyond its successful activity on the domestic and European markets has been exporting its products to the Asian and American continents with success.



Tirinnanzi S.r.l.

Via di Colle Ramole, 11
50023 Bottai FI
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